About Us

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Our Principles

Clients Come First

Our highest priority is to deliver the greatest levels of customer service. We believe this policy has been the key to our success.


Jordan Group Financial actively encourages an environment of collaboration, both within and between disciplines, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the best of our thinking in each and every transaction. We do not compartmentalize and our professionals can and often do move between teams further developing their knowledge and expertise.


This results in an unparalleled ability in our professionals to see the broader picture and the tools to develop innovative solutions to our clients’ problems.


Jordan Group Financial was founded because of the demand for an independent solution provider in the finance field. We never take on more than one client within a single transaction and we are rigorous in our avoidance of any conflicts of interest.

Size Isn’t Everything

Our goal is not to become the biggest company in our field. It is, however, our goal to be the best. We aim to provide solutions and services of unrivaled excellence, provided by professionals of unquestioned expertise.

Standards of Excellence

The standards of our research, analysis, rationalizations, and in how we present ourselves are critical to maximizing the value of our work to our clients. This commitment to the highest level of standards is reflected in every aspect of our operations.