Fairness Opinions & Valuations

Jordan Group Financial can assist our clients in securing their operations (including fiscal and legal restructurings, market transactions, accounting options and shareholder transfers), as well as helping with complicated simulations, valuations and financial models.

We can provide our clients with assistance in the following situations:

Accounting Valuations

Jordan Group Financial can provide confirmations of valuations for account closure, including asset depreciation and acquisition price allocation.

Asset Valuations

Jordan Group Financial can assess your family or corporate asset valuations, enabling the determination of references for the purpose of share transfers.

Derivative Valuations

Jordan Group Financial has vast experience in valuing derivatives (such as futures, options, swaps etc.) and we have developed our own proprietary valuation model for all varieties of derivatives.

Economic & Financial Modeling

Jordan Group Financial team of experts can help our clients to develop complex economic and financial models that can then be used for a wide range of analysis, simulations, valuations and more.

Fairness Opinions

Jordan Group Financial’s expertise in providing fairness opinions is recognized by our clients, peers and authorities alike as best in class.

Intangible Assets Valuations

Jordan Group Financial can assist our clients in the valuation of their intangible assets, such as goodwill, intellectual property, brands and trademarks, with an eye on either protecting them or in preparation for a sale.

Tax Based Valuations

Whether developing new business lines or reorganizing processes, our team of specialists can produce valuations that can be used for these transactions, helping to protect them from a fiscal perspective.

Jordan Group Financial believes in a multidisciplinary approach, and according to the requirements of the situation, our Fairness Opinions & Valuations team can call on other units within Jordan Group Financial to provide a more comprehensive and in depth solution to our clients’ needs.