Our Expertise


Jordan Group Financial assists our clients with the divestiture of a shareholding in a company or the splitting off of a business unit, while helping to accurately assess and minimize risk exposure and maximizing transactional value. The major factors to the divestiture process are the successful management of time factors, management of secondary risks such as guarantees and the accurate valuation of the asset to be disposed. Optimizing these three factors successfully can account for a great deal of time and effort on behalf of the asset owner.

Jordan Group Financial brings our substantial operational expertise to bear on behalf of our clients, along with our proprietary and highly customizable approach, supporting them throughout the entire process.

We provide all of the required accounting, economic and financial resources our clients need as part of our delivery of the most comprehensive solution available.

Our divestiture teams consist of highly skilled professionals, experts in the fields of accounting, assessment, economic and financial analysis, market assessment and modeling. Our teams also collaborate Jordan Group Financial’s experts in other disciplines, providing our clients with a multi-skilled approach which delivers a more comprehensive solution to the challenges facing them.