Our Expertise

Dispute Resolution

Corporate disputes rarely take place for low stakes. The major factors in the successful resolution of any dispute is an examination of the dispute form a financial standpoint, including a detailed analysis of the incurred losses, and the accurate analysis and demonstration of the underlying facts.

Our teams of vastly experienced professionals in arbitration and disputes bring their honed methodology to bear for our clients, including:

  • Carrying out detailed analysis of all accounting, economic and financial facets
  • An objective and highly detailed presentation
  • Preparation of summary and detailed reports covering methodologies and detailing the key facets
  • Oral presentations and cross examination from assessors and opposing parties

Our dispute resolution teams consist of highly skilled professionals, experts in the fields of accounting, assessment, economic and financial analysis, market assessment and modeling. Our teams also collaborate Jordan Group Financial’s experts in other disciplines, providing our clients with a multi-skilled approach which delivers a more comprehensive solution to the challenges facing them.