Corporate Recovery

Jordan Group Financial’s Corporate Recovery teams consist of vastly experienced professionals that operate in both real and potential crisis events. We assist company management, creditors, receivers and other stakeholders to clearly appraise crisis situations, analyze the various options open to them and ultimately to make the right decision.

Jordan Group Financial’s specialists are available to apply their accounting, economic and financial expertise in our clients’ service in a wide range of situations:

Disposal, Transfer or Liquidation of a Unit

Jordan Group Financial has extensive experience in dealing with business units that for whatever reason have remained unprofitable in their current form. We can assist management teams in the preparation of the necessary documents and prepare them for all the steps required for the ending of a business activity.

Distressed Asset Acquisition

Jordan Group Financial can assist clients that are acquiring a distressed company or asset by undertaking a comprehensive and in-depth due diligence of the target asset. We provide advice on the most desirable scenarios for acquisition, as well as on the absorption of the asset within the parent company.

Financial Condition Analysis

Jordan Group Financial can provide help during bank negotiations by undertaking independent financial reviews. This detailed analysis of past, present and projected future financial conditions assists management, banks and stakeholders to frame their negotiations of financial terms.

Management Assistance

Jordan Group Financial can assist management teams to fully appraise the difficulties the business faces by providing a comprehensive and highly detailed analysis of their situation. We can help to identify and develop potential solutions and to make the most informed decisions in a high pressure environment that may not be familiar to them.

Under-performing Business Assessments

Jordan Group Financial can carry out a financial appraisal of a firm’s financial position, the markets it participates in and its outlook for the future. We also assist our clients in understanding the challenges they face, how important those challenges are and provide options on how best to face them.

Jordan Group Financial believes in a multidisciplinary approach, and according to the requirements of the situation, our Corporate Recovery team can call on other units within Jordan Group Financial to provide a more comprehensive and in depth solution to our clients’ needs.