Business & Market Analysis

Our expert Business and Market Analysis team carries out in depth research and evaluation of our client’s operating markets, by analyzing and comparing all available market data and can help with the preparation and reviewing of business plans. We provide our clients with assistance during dispute resolution, with their M&A activities and with their normal analytical needs.

Jordan Group Financial is able to provide expert assistance in a broad range of situations:

Market Dynamics & Segmentation

Our expert economic analysts can assist our clients with the collection, interpretation and analysis of relevant market data, including the scope of the market, a breakdown of its component segments, term outlooks, market share analysis and an evaluation of the prevailing market trends.

Business Plan Preparation & Review

Jordan Group Financial can assist our clients with the preparation and critical review of business plans, whether they are focusing on internal reorganization, seeking growth through acquisition or existing product expansions. We critique revenue projections and sales forecasts with regard to the existing market data, while incorporating cost management.

Regulatory Assistance

Jordan Group Financial assists our clients with the collection and interpretation of market data during acquisitions, for the purposes of providing arguments to regulatory and competition authorities.

Market Modeling

Jordan Group Financial uses a statistical methodology to create a model for our clients operating market in order to determine the many factors that have an effect on their business.

Data Integrity

Jordan Group Financial helps our clients to safeguard the consistency and integrity of their market data - accounting information, data derived through internal mechanisms such as marketing mail-shots and external data sourced from third parties. This greatly increases the confidence clients have in the data used to analyze the company’s true circumstances and in their projections.

Jordan Group Financial believes in a multidisciplinary approach, and according to the requirements of the situation, our Business and Market Analysis team can call on other units within Jordan Group Financial to provide a more comprehensive and in depth solution to our clients’ needs.