About Us

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Jordan Group Financial was founded in March of 2002, driven by the demand for an independent solution provider in the finance field. The founding members were not just motivated by the ideas of personal gain and fulfillment in making the new entrepreneurial venture a success, but by their desire to promote their professional principles and shared values.

Jordan Group Financial’s defining characteristic is our independent identity. This independence assures our clients that the highest quality work is carried out professionally and objectively, with a total dedication to our clients’ best interests only.

Today, Jordan Group Financial is one of the few genuinely independent companies based in the Far East that can provide companies and their stakeholders with a truly global capacity in financial consultancy services. Jordan Group Financial now represents clients around the world and possesses a broad range of expertise in the fields of accounting, economics and finance, and we successfully combine this expertise to achieve our goal: the analysis and validation of figures, querying and verifying their authenticity and delivering recommendations to aid effective decision making.

To reach this goal, Jordan Group Financial brings together our extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as auditing, financial forecasting, financial modeling, market analysis and valuations. This assists our clients in navigating a broad array of situations and circumstances, including acquisitions, dispute resolution, divestitures, litigation, restructuring and under-performing businesses.